3 Easy Ways to Buy Tickets

  1. Online.
    Buying tickets online is easy! See our Ticket Tutorial
  2. By Phone.
    : 1-866-514-5050
    Victoria – (250) 220-7777
    Kelowna – (250) 762-5050
  3. In Person.
    Victoria – Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre Kelowna – Prospera Place  
    1925 Blanshard St 1223 Water St  
    Victoria, BC Kelowna, BC  

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Tickets
Questions about our Policies
Questions on Purchasing Tickets
Questions about our Internet Site
Questions about Internet Accounts
Questions about Methods of Receiving Tickets
Questions about Season Tickets Online Renewal


Questions about Tickets

Why does a ticket cost more than what is advertised?

Select Your Tickets provides a service, for promoters and artists, by giving an outlet for the public to purchase tickets. The base price, which covers the cost of the artist and/or promoter, is the advertised price. There is then a convenience charge added to cover the costs for the services we provide. For events at Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, the City of Victoria also adds a city surcharge.

What is a convenience charge?

A convenience charge is a price negotiated between Select Your Tickets and the promoter. This price varies by each event and may vary depending on what purchase method is used.

Are Taxes Applicable?

Any applicable taxes are already included in the value of the ticket.

What does a “General Admission” (GA) Ticket mean?

General Admission refers to seating or standing areas that are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis, and do not have assigned or reserved seating. A General Admission Ticket typically refers to no seating and is “standing room only”.

At times I hear a concert or event announced but Select Your Tickets does not have any info. Why is this?

In many cases, the venue or promoters have not finalized all the terms about the event. Select Your Tickets does not release any information until we receive authorization from the promoter or venue. This may occur after the media or artist has already begun advertising the event.


Questions about our Policies

Something has come up and I will not be able to attend the concert. Can I be refunded?

Unfortunately, our policy is that we do not issue refunds or exchanges on tickets.

What if a concert is cancelled, can I be refunded then?

In this case, we will follow the instructions of the promoter or artist.

Click here to view our policies.


Questions on Purchasing Tickets

How can I purchase tickets?

There are 3 ways to buy: in person, over the phone or over the internet. If you do not have a credit card, you must purchase tickets in person at the Box Office, where we accept debit, MasterCard or Visa. We do not accept cheques for regular ticket sales. GOING CASHLESS – EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2024: GSL managed venues and companies will no longer be accepting cash payment. Debit, credit card, gift card, and mobile tap only.

There are tickets for sale through the newspaper. Are they valid?

We do not recommend buying tickets from another party because we do not guarantee the validity of their tickets. Only the account holder with Select Your Tickets is authorized to make changes to the account or tickets.

I just bought tickets. I just looked again and there were other seats available. Why does this happen and can I exchange my current tickets?

During an on-sale, there may be many people in our system either purchasing or looking at tickets at the same time. When people are looking for tickets, the system reserves those seats for an allocated amount of time. If they decide they do not want those tickets or if they time-out, then those tickets will be released back into the system for others to purchase. Once your tickets are confirmed and the payment has been processed, there are no exchanges or refunds on tickets. Please ensure that the tickets that you are ordering are to your satisfaction.

What does it mean by a “ticket limit”?

Having a ticket limit ensures fairness to all those buying tickets. The ticket limit applies per account, billing address, and credit card. Please observe the ticket limit as over purchases may be cancelled without notice or warning.

I timed out when I was ordering tickets online. How can I get those tickets back?

When tickets are assigned, the system holds them for you for 5 minutes. When you time out, those tickets are released back into the system, for other internet users to purchase. Therefore, you may not be able to get the exact tickets back because other users may now be looking at those tickets. You can start a new search where you can look at new seats. The time limit is in place to ensure fairness to all consumers.

To speed up your ticket purchase we recommend pre registering an account and keeping your account password handy.

During an on-sale I try phoning to purchase tickets but I do not get through and/or I try the internet but the server is busy. Why does this happen?

During an on-sale there are many thousands of people trying to purchase tickets at the same time. We do our best to accommodate everyone.

I need wheelchair seating. How do I buy tickets?

To buy wheelchair seating for a Victoria event you can call the Victoria box office at (250)220-7789. For a Kelowna event you can call the Kelowna box office at (250)763-9095. You may also visit the ticket windows at either box office to purchase wheelchair seating. Unfortunately you are not able to purchase wheelchair seating online.

What are pre-sales and how can I be eligible?

Pre-sales give customers the chance to purchase tickets before an on-sale, but are not available for all events. If an event does allow for an on-line pre-sale, the code will be advertised. The pre-buy may only be available for fan club members or radio promotions and they will provide the code. Select Your Tickets staff does not have the authority to release these codes, if they are allowed for certain events.

There are other websites selling tickets to events at your arena(s) at an inflated price. Are they legitimate?

Select Your Tickets does not offer or condone its tickets for resale. Any tickets purchased via unauthorized brokers, resellers, or other means may not be granted access to the event. In the case of any ticketing discrepancy, the holder of tickets purchased through unauthorized means forfeits any rights to said tickets.

What is the “Random Line-Up Policy”?

Random Line-Up/Lottery Draw Policy for Select Your Ticket On Sales:

– Upon arrival please wait to receive a numbered ticket. Tickets will be handed out starting 90 minutes prior to the on-sale time until 35 minutes prior to the on-sale time.

– Once you’ve received a numbered ticket, you are not required to remain on the premises; however you must be present 30 minutes prior to the on sale time for the random ticket draw.

– 30 minutes prior to the on-sale a number will be drawn and that person will become first in line with all those numbers after that lining up sequentially behind. Those that have a number that precedes the first number drawn will go to the end of the line. This process is to ensure consumer fairness.

– Once you have your position in line please have your method of payment ready.

– Purchasing online at is the recommended method of purchase for all of our shows and events. Thank you for your patronage.


Questions about our Internet Site

I do not see the lock at the bottom of website showing that your site is secure. Is your site secure?

After the event is chosen, the site becomes secure to ensure that your personal information is kept confidental.

Am I able to search for tickets by section?

This is an option for certain events. For anticipated quick on-sales, the sections are NOT clickable due to time constraints. However, for other events, the sections are clickable. This allows you to choose a desired section or price level. If this section is full, you will need to choose a different area or you can simply click “Best Available Stands” or “Best Available Floor” and this will assign the best available seats based on availability criteria.


Questions about Internet Accounts

Due to a recent database upgrade, if any errors existed in an account the address may have been purged. If your account has been affected, you will no longer see an address in your account. To avoid pick up and mailing issues, please update accordingly.

I can’t seem to update information on my account online. What do I do?

After you’ve attempted to make changes online, please call or e-mail us (click here for contact information) and we will update it for you. Please log back into your account to ensure the information has been updated after speaking to an agent. Please allow up to 48 hrs for changes to be made.

Is it better to set-up an account prior to the on-sale date?

Although not required, setting up an account prior to purchasing tickets can make the ordering process quicker and easier. If you do not set up an account prior to purchasing tickets, there is a 6-minute time frame in which you must select your seats, set up your account and finalize payment. If you have set up your account beforehand, you can log in prior to placing your order, thereby maximizing the amount of time you have to choose tickets within the 6 minute time limit.

Do I have to save my credit card number into my account?

No, you do not have to do this. You are able to create accounts without entering a credit card; however, entering your credit card information into your account does make the purchase faster because you will not have to enter in your credit card information during the actual purchase of your tickets.

I forgot my password, how can I find out what it is?

If you are a returning online customer and cannot remember your password; where you usually enter your email or account number and password, there is an option for you to click on “Forgot Password?“. This will lead you to a prompt to enter in your email address. Your password will be emailed to this address. If selecting the Forgot Password? link does not work, you may contact either of our box offices for further information. Due to different ISP (internet service provider) providers and the set-up of their mail servers time delays can occur.

What does it mean to “Link Your Account”?

If you have both an existing Box Office account, which would have been created by ordering tickets over the phone, and an on-line account, you can link these accounts to join them together as one account.

How do you “Link Your Account”?

By clicking on “Link Your Account“, you will be prompted to enter your on-line account number and your PIN. You can obtain your PIN by calling our Box Office.


Questions about Methods of Receiving Tickets

What is Will Call?

“Will Call” means that your tickets will be available for pick up at the Box Office prior to or on the night of an event. The designated will call window only has pre-printed tickets for the event that day. Any purchases or other tickets for other events need to be picked-up at the regular sales window. Due to time constraints and volume of tickets to be picked-up we highly recommend picking up tickets well in advance of the performance date and/or time.

What are your Box Office Hours?

Our regular hours are: Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Our hours are subject to change due to events and/or holidays.

How long into an event is the Box Office open?

For concerts, the Box Office, generally, closes 15 minutes after the main act takes the stage. For hockey the Box Office closes at the drop of the puck in the third period. After these times, all left over Will Call will be at the Administration Office (Prospera Place) or Guest Services Desk (Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre) for pick up.

I ordered my tickets 2 weeks ago and I still have not received them. Why is this and what do I do now?

Tickets are usually mailed within 7-10 days. If it has been more than 3 weeks since you ordered your tickets, call us and an agent will be happy to help you. At times, due to large volumes of tickets and/or holidays, delays do occur.

What are “Print-At-Home” Tickets?

For certain shows a Print-At-Home ticket can be received via your email in lieu of a box office ticket. This ticket is emailed to the account holder and can be printed off on your own printer. This is a valid ticket, do not lose or make copies of it. Only the account holder should use these tickets and if multiple copies are made only the first/valid ticket will be scanned in and allowed entry. Because of different ISP providers and their mail server set-up time delays in receiving your ticket(s) may occur.


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