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Food bank donations will be gratefully accepted at the door (the night of the show)!

For over 80 years the Sons of the Pioneers have been recognized as “the world’s premier cowboy singing group” [as noted by American Cowboy magazine] starting with Roy Rogers in numerous movies, through major recording contracts and television shows and thousands of live performances all around the world.

They have been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, the Western Music Hall of Fame, the Texas Swing Hall of Fame and have their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Their renditions of Tumbling Tumbleweed and Cool Water are in the Grammy Hall of Fame. Today the Sons of the Pioneers are still being recognized as the best in the genre. Last December, True West magazine has just named them 2016 “Best of the West – Best Western Music Group”.

Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky summed it up, “I think the reason that the Pioneers have been so successful for 75 years and continuous for 75 years is because they came up originally with something unique and great and they have kept that. It’s something that is timeless. It’s not something that is connected to hit records and charts and fads. It’s just an eternal interest in the American West and they sing about it beautifully and it’s written beautifully and that’s something that just will never go out of style.”

The Pioneers enjoyed a regular season on the strip in Branson, Missouri since 1983, and now actively tour on the road.

The show is a two-hour crowd pleaser with classic Sons of the Pioneers’ harmonies, and showcases instrumentals of our top notch musicians. There is always a relaxed and off-the-cuff comedic flare to every show. Encores and standing ovations are the norm. We have a popular “meet and greet” autograph session after the show.

Our goal is for everyone to go home with a treasured memory.