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Special Guest: Prism

Nazareth is without a doubt the biggest rock band to emerge from Scotland, paving the way for other great artists to come. The original members came together under Pete Agnew’s band “The Shadettes” in 1968, changing the name to NAZARETH in 1970.

They toured with Deep Purple in the early 70s where they met Roger Glover who produced their breakthrough album Razamanaz in 1973 that included the hits “Broken Down Angel” and “Bad Bad Boy.” The album was followed by Loud’n’Proud later the same year featuring the single “This Flight Tonight” which became a massive hit throughout Europe and sent the band to number 1 in Germany.

The line up today consists of Jimmy Murrison on guitar, Lee Agnew on drums, Pete Agnew (founder member since he can’t remember) and new singer Carl Sentence who joined the band in 2015 after Dan McCafferty had to retire due to ill health. Reviewing one of the first shows with Carl performing as lead singer, a member of the Rock press confirmed what the band members already agreed that: “He fits right in as a man on a mission to prove his worth and totally nails it. He has mastery of the material and wears the songs like an old leather jacket.”

Joining Nazareth for the show at Prospera Place is Canadian rock band PRISM, formed in the early Vancouver rock scene in 1977. They were originally active from 1977 to 1984 and have been active again from 1987 to present. Their classic line-up consisted of lead singer Ron Tabak, guitarist Lindsay Mitchell, keyboardist John Hall, bass guitarist Allen Harlow, and drummer Rocket Norton. Since 2010, Prism’s line-up has been Al Harlow (vocals, guitar, bass), Gary Grace (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Marc Gladstone (keyboards, backing vocals) and Tad Goddard (bass, backing vocals).