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The Headstones
The Matchstick Skeletons

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Headstones’ critically-acclaimed debut album “Picture of Health” and to celebrate, they will be re-issuing the album on October 26 via Cadence Recordings. Today, they’ve released a re-recorded, re-imagined version of their 1991 demo “Skin Me Alive” which originally appeared on their “Demo Gods” cassette.

The Headstones will also be heading on the road this fall for the official Picture of Health Tour, playing this seminal album from front to back live, as well as your favourite hits, such as the #1 hit singles “Devil’s on Fire” and “Longwaytoneverland”!

“Picture of Health” was Headstones breakthrough debut album that went Certified Platinum in Canada. Originally released on June 1, 1993, the re-issue package will include remastered versions of the 13 original tracks plus four bonus tracks – demos of “Sweet Pea”, “When Something Stands for Nothing”, “Cemetery” and the newly re-recorded “Skin Me Alive” all originally featured on their Demo Gods cassette, which ignited their career. Leading up to the release on October 26th, follow the band on their social channels to see some rare footage and photos from the “Picture of Health” era, including the video of the band performing “Judy” on MuchMusic in 1993.

“Picture of Health” follows the Headstones release of their critically-acclaimed album “Little Army” (2017 Cadence Recordings). The album was their highest debuting full-length in over a decade, hitting #3 on the Alternative Album Chart and #13 on the Current Album Chart. The lead single “Devil’s on Fire” was the #6 most played track at Active Rock radio in 2017, spending 20 weeks on the chart and reaching #1 for three weeks. On the album, Noisey raves, “Little Army still retains that piss and vinegar Headstones built their reputation on, but it also sounds as if they’re doing it more out of love than anything.”

Their rise to the top culminated in Juno Award nominations for Group of the Year and Best Rock Album (1996). The worldwide release of “Love + Fury” earned Headstones their first top 10 album and the JUNO Awards nomination for Best Rock Album of the year (2014).
For more about Headstones visit: www.headstonesband.com

The Matchstick Skeletons, a James Brown/Lemmy love child nobody asked for, came out of the grave swinging. Formed by singer and multi-instrumentalist Neu Mannas and drummer Matty Carolei, the band’s debut single “Told Ya So.” is inspired by old funk records, Neu’s work as a film composer, and the terrifying sound design from the movie “Dunkirk”. With the single comes a music video with a Tarantino/B Horror vibe. This song kicks the door down to say, “We’re here now”, reinforcing the questions, “Where did these guys come from?” And “What took them so long to get here”?

The Matchstick Skeletons was a project years in the making. Midway through a decade of being on the road, Mannas and Carolei found themselves playing together in Head of the Herd. After some chart topping, radio music award winning, touring, and record making in England, Wales, the Southern U.S. and throughout their home and native land of Canada, they decided to lock themselves in a tiny dark room and become the band they always wanted to be.
For more about The Matchstick Skeletons please visit: www.thematchstickskeletons.com